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Let's Kick It Up

Far and away our best selling product is garage floors!  Our floors are step one to reclaiming your nasty, dusty, semi-outdoor garage into the most exciting interior space in your home! 


The Display Case for your car, truck, or Sprinter!


The Toy Hangar for your sick new mountain bikes, SUPS, or kayaks.


The Shred Cave where you store and tune your skis and snowboard!


The Lair where you wrench on your dirtbike, snowmobile, or UTV!


Base Camp for your climbing rack and camping gear.

Epoxy Anchor

Epoxy Flake Flooring

This is the workhorse of the garage floor world. When most people say or think “epoxy floor” or “garage floor”, this is what they're thinking. Cost-effective single broadcast coverage with a great blend of durability, cleanability and slip-resistance.

Sample Swatches.png

Options From Mild to Wild

Offered in a wide array of color options with many earthy hybrid products coming to market, this is typically the best option for 99% of garage floor customers out there!

Quartz Anchor

Quartz Flooring

Can’t find anything in Flake you like? Want something a bit more subtle, slip-resistant, and extremely durable? 
Check out Quartz! A small upcharge due to requiring a second broadcast brings another level of options to the table!

Metallic Anchor

Metallic Flooring

Wanna get trippy and weird? Or maybe subtle, elegant, and understated? The options for artistry are endless with metallics, and we are very experienced in using them! Great for restaurant or commercial spaces, or where polished concrete might be the desired outcome, but is not realistic due to slab condition.

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